What You Must Know about Amoxicillin and Alcohol

You may be experiencing a bacterial infection or your doctor may have prescribed you to take some antibiotics like amoxicillin, but at the back of your mind, you may be wondering, “Is it alright for me to have both amoxicillin and alcohol at the same day?”

There is an undeniable myth that if amoxicillin and alcohol are mixed together in your stomach, there is a high chance that it can cause interactions, and it is not the good kind.  The truth is, this is entirely not true.  While it is a fact that almost all medical practitioners will thoroughly advise their patients to not mix amoxicillin and alcohol together in their systems while their bacterial infection is still active, it does not really cause any nasty consequences or there will be no development of risks to that person’s health.  The point is that if you are indeed ill enough to take amoxicillin, then it is common sense that you must not be drinking any alcohol up until you become well again.  There are no recognized bad interactions linked with amoxicillin and alcohol being taken at the same time or at the same day.  Some people also believe that the antibiotic treatment will be rendered less effective if the patient will be taking both amoxicillin and alcohol at the same day, which is of course, actually untrue as well.

Why is it still a good thing to not take both amoxicillin and alcohol while you are sick?  Even if you no longer need to have apprehension about getting a nasty drug interaction or having less effective medications, there are still sensible reasons as to why it is best to avoid drinking alcohol while on amoxicillin medication.  The main reason for this is that if your body is sick enough, then it needs time to get better and let the antibiotic medication work on your body.  An infection can only be fully cured with lots of rest and constant fluid intake, and most doctors will advise you to focus on getting better, and they will strongly not recommend you to take both amoxicillin and alcohol at the same time.  Instead, they will remind you to avoid partying and alcohol consumption in the meantime until you are perfectly well enough again.

On the other hand, there are some cases of bacterial infections wherein the intake of amoxicillin and alcohol is totally okay.  However, before you go ahead and drink some of your favorite alcoholic beverage even if you’re sick, you better ask your doctor first if it is perfectly okay to do this.  Your doctor will assess your overall health condition, your current bacterial infection, and your treatment plan before letting you take amoxicillin and alcohol at the same day.  Do not be disappointed if your doctor advises you to hold off the alcohol intake while on any antibacterial medications. Keep in mind that the average amoxicillin treatment is around 7 days up to 10 days, and if you have finished that and you are feeling well already, then that is the right time to celebrate and drink alcohol beverages, but of course, in moderation.

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