What is the Appropriate Amoxicillin Dosage for Adults?

Knowing the appropriate amoxicillin dosage for the treatment of various infections is a big MUST for every individual before pursuing the treatment. Remember that the right amoxicillin dosage is your only assurance for complete healing; otherwise you would end up with complications or an ailment that is left untreated. A drug dosage is critical especially for antibiotics because not all individuals can fit to a certain dosing. We have always stressed out that amoxicillin dosage can bring an impact on your complete healing. Since every individual is unique, so are their needs and reactions to the different types of antibiotics as well as the dosing. For faster healing and recovery, we recommend that you discuss first with your doctor the amoxicillin dosage prior of starting the treatment so that both of you can agree on which dosing fits best for you. This generally depends on your weight, gender, and current health condition.

Remember that amoxicillin dosage can vary on the different infections that you might be experiencing today. Although every individual of all ages are candidates for acquiring infections, remember that for a particular disease amoxicillin dosage is generally administered in different dosing for children and adults. Young children are usually given with a lower amoxicillin dosage compared to adults because their bodies are more sensitive and weak. For this article, however, we will only include the usual amoxicillin dosage for various diseases for adults. But this is only for the purpose of supplementing you with additional information. We do not recommend you to use this as an alternative of a doctor’s expertise and service.

For individuals suffering Actinomycosis, the most recommended dosage for adults is 500mg amoxicillin dosage to be taken three times each day, or 875mg amoxicillin dosage to be taken two times a day. You should continue this dosing for six months in order to achieve full recovery.

Although amoxicillin is not your first line for treating anthrax prophylaxis, a right amoxicillin dosage can be used for completing a 60-day treatment period after taking ciprofloxacin or doxycycline. Talk to your doctor if you are pregnant or lactating mother so you will be given the right dosing.

Cutaneous bacillus anthracis can be treated with 500mg amoxicillin dosage to be taken three times each day. Again, amoxicillin antibiotic drug is not your first line treatment for this condition but the drug is often used as a supplementary medicine to achieve full recovery from the infection.

A Chlamydia infection is usually treated with 500mg of amoxicillin dosage thrice a day for one week. Sometimes this drug is also used as an substitute for macrolide-sensitive patients.

For individuals with urinary tract infections, an amoxicillin dosage of 250mg or 500mg can be administered thrice a day within a week. An amoxicillin dosage of 500mg to 875mg can also be taken two times a day with the same medicinal effects.

This article does not include a complete detail of all the possible infections that can be treated with a particular amoxicillin dosage. We recommend that you talk to your doctor today for further information.

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