Metformin Taken With Amoxicillin – Are There Side Effects?

Right from the start it has always been discouraged to combine medicines all together especially if the symptoms can be easily treated with a single type of drug. However there are times when an ailment is more complicated than is expected, and in cases like these a combination of drugs have to be administered in order to keep the symptoms at minimum while treating the ailments. In case you have a bacterial infection, it is safe to say that the easiest antibiotic out there is amoxicillin. For years, amoxicillin has been known as a medication that can eliminate numerous types of bacterial infections. This is why for common infections like the skin, ears, and UTI, doctors would usually recommend amoxicillin. A lot of people who have traditionally treated their simple infections using over the counter drugs choose amoxicillin as the first hand treatment. However, amoxicillin may not always be a friendly drug especially if you take it with our medications. For example, what if you have been diagnosed with type 2 diabetes and you need to take metformin to keep your blood sugars low, then is it safe to take amoxicillin together if you suffer certain bacterial infections? This article might give you answers metformin taken with amoxicillin will give you any dangerous side effects.


First and foremost, we have already prior knowledge that amoxicillin is an effective antibiotic drug used to kill infections caused by a wide variety of bacteria. And it comes to first defense against recurrent bacterial infections, amoxicillin can be your most trusted medication. However, take note that amoxicillin can have the capacity to slow down the functions of the kidney in terms of eliminating other drugs present in your system. Therefore it is a bad partner with other drugs who could cause dangerous side effects.


On the other hand, metformin is a type of drug used to treat patients having type 2 diabetes. Sometimes it is combined with insulin to help patients manage their sugar levels effectively. Some of the side effects that one might experience after taking metformin are – uneven heart rate, difficulty breathing, nausea, vomiting, diarrhea, stomach pain, dizziness, and muscle weakness or numbness. It is not advisable for patients having liver or kidney problems to take metformin.


So what happens if metformin is taken with amoxicillin? Chances are the side effects of the drugs will be increased. If you have to combine metformin and amoxicillin, this should be considered by the doctor carefully. If not, your doctor might prescribe you an alternative solution to your bacterial infection and just keep taking metformin. Never take a dosage without your doctor’s approval so that you will not get the negative or even dangerous side effects.


Taking metformin with amoxicillin can be good and at the same time harmful. Metformin should not done you any harm if you followed the doctor’s prescription. If you are advised to take metformin with amoxicillin, you should discuss the risk with your doctor, and make sure to know and understand the monitoring the doctor should perform while you are on the process of treatment.

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