Is It Advisable to Buy Antibiotics for UTI Over the Counter?

Over the counter drugs have traditionally always been the first choices of people whenever they get sick. Today you can buy almost any drugs over the counter for all sorts of infection as well as for other purposes. Common ailments such as UTI are generally treated with over the counter drugs especially if the symptoms have been recurrent and you are already familiar about what drugs to take whenever you feel the symptoms again. There are even times when the doctor will advise you to just buy a drug (without necessarily getting a prescription) whenever you feel the symptoms again. The main reason is that when the symptoms have repeated again after such a period of time, going to the doctor again can be expensive and impractical especially if you already know what particular drug to take. Among the most common ailments we experience is urinary tract infection or UTI which has been mentioned earlier. There are actually antibiotics for UTI in which anybody can buy over the counter. However if you think the symptoms are still repeating and getting worse then buying antibiotics for UTI over the counter might not be the best solution but to go to your doctor instead.

So the question now is how safe is it to buy antibiotics for UTI over the counter? When it comes to reputability of the store, there should be no question regarding the safety of the drugs as long as the store itself has been verified and that the pharmacy has the license to sell drugs. Most of the dangers usually come from the consumer himself. Dangerous side effects as a consequence of buying antibiotics for UTI are generally caused by the user’s negligence and improper usage of the drugs. Sometimes it could also be abused. Some people will try to avoid the doctor as much as possible to cut cost; however they will only go to the physician once their condition has become worse. Among the consequences is when the body fails to respond with antibiotics for UTI as a result of using the wrong dosage over time. A high dosage of antibiotics for UTI can increase resistance of the body against antibiotics. If your body has reached this kind of condition, it will be more difficult to treat the infection because antibiotics for UTI will no longer work for you. This can cause dangerous complications and can be fatal.

So how can you assure that you can safely avail antibiotics for UTI? The best answer is still to get a prescription from the doctor first. However for some people they can just buy antibiotics for UTI over the counter once they have already acquired same history of symptoms, and eventually they get healed. But in cases when the symptoms are recurrent and getting worse, it should be a signal that the antibiotics for UTI are not working for you and the infection could have other root causes.

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