Appropriate Amoxicillin Dosage to Fight Chlamydia Infection

Chlamydia infection is a common ailment for those having multiple partners or unprotected sexual activities. Known as a sexually transmitted infection, people affected with Chlamydia infection do not usually show obvious symptoms unless they undergo medical check-ups and laboratory tests. If you think you recently had sexual contact with your partner diagnosed with this infection, it is better for you to see your doctor right away and be treated with the right antibiotic drug. The most popular weapon against Chlamydia infection is amoxicillin. Although we know how popular this drug is in treating a wide variety of bacterial infections, there is an appropriate amoxicillin dosage for every type of infection. Whether it is used to treat sinusitis, wound infection, cough, urinary tract infection, or even Chlamydia, it is very critical that you ask the right amoxicillin dosage as well as the treatment period in taking the drug from your health care provider to get the best outcomes of the medicine.

If you have been diagnosed with Chlamydia infection, most doctor would recommend you to try amoxicillin dosage of 500mg to be taken thrice a day. Usually you will be prescribed to maintain this amoxicillin dosage for about one week, depending on the level of the infection. However if you have other health issues or are taking other medicines that might cause drug reactions with the antibiotic, your doctor might prescribe you with alternative medicines, or might even lower your amoxicillin dosage. Whichever works best for you, make sure to follow the prescribed amoxicillin dosage and stick to it until the end of the treatment.

Once you have begun taking the prescribed amoxicillin dosage make sure that you follow the number of days you have to maintain the medicine. Never change the amoxicillin dosage prescribed as well as the number of times you need to take it unless you are feeling the intolerable symptoms or your doctor tells you so. This is because you might delay the healing process if you suddenly make adjustments with the amoxicillin dosage without your doctor’s approval. Moreover if you have any doubt regarding the prescribed amoxicillin dosage you can always ask your health care provider about it, or discuss this option with your doctor. This is very applicable for patients who might have allergic issues with antibiotics, or are recently taking other medications. Moreover, we advise you to maintain the amoxicillin dosage until the end of the treatment period even if you already starting feeling better in the middle of the treatment. This is to ensure that all of the bacteria causing the infection are killed or wiped out from your system.

There can be many source of amoxicillin but make sure that you buy them only from legit drug stores. People who are practical can choose to buy the antibiotic online because they are relatively much cheaper than those sold at local drug stores. However choose the one with proven good records. Buy the appropriate amoxicillin dosage only from reliable pharmacies online.

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