Antibiotics for UTI – How Do They Work?

Are you bothered with UTI? UTI, or the urinary tract infection, is a common type of infection among women. It is characterized with painful urination, or frequent urination which is often time accompanied with fever. Often times the UTI can start at the bladder. If not immediately treated, it can spread through the kidneys causing serious and permanent damage. Statistics reveal that the common victims of UTI are women due to the structure of the genital opening being closer to the anus. Often times the wrong way of wiping can easily spread the bacteria until it reaches the urethra, a tube that carries your urine out of the body. Once the bacteria have thrived in, they begin to multiply and cause problems with your urination. With UTI problems, the easiest and effective solutions are antibiotics for UTI.

The antibiotics for UTI simply work by helping the body’s natural defense, the immune system, in killing the bacteria that have managed to thrive in. With constant amount of antibiotics for UTI present in the blood stream, the infection should start to go away after one or two days. If your condition is getting worst, you should contact your doctor immediately.

There are many kinds of antibiotics for UTI you can find at your favorite drug stores. Sometimes, your doctor will recommend you a particular brand name for your treatment. Basically, they all should work the same. However, the dosage may vary since not all people have the same effects with medicines. Sometimes, you may need to start with a small dosage of the antibiotics for UTI, if there are no improvements then you can gradually increase it. Make sure that you are not experimenting with the dosing and your doctor should be the only one that can approve you in using a particular dosage of antibiotics for UTI. Remember that among the common issues that most people might take for granted is the right dosage of antibiotics. If you are taking a dosage too small, you might not feel the medicinal effects; if it is too high, you might be treated faster but you will suffer a problem in the future since your body can build resistance with antibiotics. Thus, the next time you got an infection, your body might need a higher level of antibiotics for UTI which are hard to find and are costly.

Who are the ones generally prescribed with antibiotics for UTI? Often times, as what we have mentioned, women are the number one victims of UTI and so most patients who are taking antibiotics for UTI belong to the female population. Women who have recurrent UTIs, pregnant women who got the infection before or during their pregnancy, patients having problems of the nervous system that affects their urination, patients who have undergone kidney transplant, patients who have undergone surgery which involves the urinary tract, and other people with urination problems can be prescribed with antibiotics for UTI. However, once you start taking this medication make sure that you carefully follow your doctor’s instructions for faster recovery.

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