How to Use Amoxil 500 mg Drugs to Cure Infections

Often times your doctor will prescribe you with antibiotics like Amoxil 500 mg as soon as you are diagnosed with a particular bacterial infection. Antibiotics like Amoxil 500 mg are very effective in curing almost any types of infections caused by bacteria; however it is very important that you use them the right way in order to get the optimum results and avoid potential side effects as well. A lot of people often experience side effects and not being cured from thier illness because of the inappropriate way of using thier drugs. Once you have decided to begin a regimen with Amoxil 500 mg, you have to strictly adhere to your doctor’s prescription, or as described in the leaflets that comes along with the drugs, so that you will get the recovery you want from your infection.
Depending on the type of bacterial infection, the doctor will usually prescribe Amoxil 500 mg to be taken once or twice a day for a week or two, depending on how serious your infection is. For young children and the elderly, this dosage might need to be lowered down as they are more susceptible to side effects. In order to avoid skipping your doses, it is highly recommended that you take Amoxil 500 mg on a scheduled basis, say at a particular time of the day, and maintain this althroughout the treatment period. However if you did miss a dosage you should take Amoxil 500 mg as soon as you are able to Continue reading